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“I firmly believe that creating better, healthier, more productive communication in places of work will translate to better communication in families and communities. Imagine a place where dialogue that does not attack, demean or dismiss enables us as fellow humans to accomplish great things together.

Imagine leadership that empowers individuals and teams to thrive and grow. The skills we need to create these places and leaders can be learned.

Imagine a society that can discuss vastly different opinions without villainizing the other opinion holder.  The scary truth is that this goal of greater communication is possible. Who will come alongside me to make the difference so desperately needed?”  

M. Wade, 2019 Vision Appeal
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"The art of communication is the language of leadership"  
James Humes
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​Relationships Matter Most
Each of us wants to matter in some way or to create a life we can enjoy. Learning how to have conversations that "work" for both you and other(s) is a skill everyone can learn. Developing the ability to make meaning and create agreement is powerful and can change you and the world around you for the better. Stop the madness of nasty dialogue...let's get somewhere better - together!

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Our Blog #PeopleMakeitHappen

We are extremely grateful to the greater Greenville and Greer communities for being a part of ​M Wade Associates growth and development since early 2016.

The professionals that have worked with us are first rate and have had a tremendous impact on our lives. It is truly a pleasure to work, live and serve in a region brimming with positive energy!
The #PeopleMatter Blog is a dynamic and interactive space. It is a place where resources and team exercises will be provided.

Your questions, issues, ideas and thoughts about creating workplaces that people enjoy and excel in will make this section better!


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"The services provided for team communication and professional development by M Wade Associates will catapult your organization more rapidly than you can imagine and the results are both immediate and ongoing. Helping people learn to communicate well has changed not only our organization's performance but has impacted our most cherished relationships."         Angela D. - M Wade Client 2017-2018
"Mia is truly gifted in her ability to enable and support positive change for individuals and groups."        Beth F. Client 2018