Mia Wade, M Wade Associates 

These are the attributes your advisor will bring to the process:

Effective and passionate change influencer with the ability to clarify vision and inspire others to action.

A critical thinker with a proven track record in organizational program development and execution.

Delivers results with executive leadership and teams utilizing human analytics, proven dialogue and communications research, principles, and techniques.

Extensive experience across disciplines, industries and market segments.

Mia delivers a unique blend of highly developed skills and experience with compassion and tenacity.

Experience includes over 3000 hours speaking, training and coaching leadership and team performance.
"You can double your business by increasing activity and, or volume. Without a focused plan this can lead to double the headaches and triple the cost of doing business. I am thoroughly versed in creating teams that can do the activities necessary to deliver your business products and services and will do so in a way that gives each and every customer an excellent experience. My goal is to bring your business to the intersection of profitability, sustainability, and sanity."

Mia Wade