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It is an absolute blessing to work with and support the following organizations. If you want to know more please click on the image/link to learn how you can engage with these efforts!

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M Wade Associates is a proud member of BNI in the Upstate South Carolina Region.  This network of professional referral partners makes my business better!   For more information...

The Greer Chamber of Commerce is an incredible chamber organization and creates fantastic opportunity for our growing Community!  For more information...

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 Thoughts on Living a Grateful Life

When we begin with an attitude of gratefulness this has the ability to change everything - for the better.

Am I personally able to stay in this attitude/mindset one hundred percent of the time? No, unfortunately not.

However, with practice this more productive beginning permeates every thought, action and relationship. What about the most difficult people, or that moment when I feel 'under attack'?

Again, until I practice long enough with enough intent in a repetitive way, this powerful approach to how I see and interact with other people cannot become the habit that will produce the ultimate outcomes I truly want to be a part of.

​So, it is with courage that I continue, grateful for another chance and thankful for the challenges and failures (aka learning) experienced.  Each day I ask the universe to bring leaders into my path so that we may assist each other in makeing a better way of working and treating each other possible.